Antique School Bus

Are you looking to buy an antique school bus. There is a certain qualification any bus must meet in order to be considered an antique bus. The bus must be at least twenty five years old. So there are plenty of antique school buses for sale. While the school bus became widely popular in the 1950′s it has actually been around since the early 1920′s. Many of today’s most popular car manufacturers made and still make buses. It is easy to find an antique school bus made by a well known company.

Buying An Antique School Bus

Many companies such as Ford,Chevy and International have antique school bus models. The older antique school buses look very similar to the first models of cars. It wasn’t until the 1950′s that the school bus as we now know it took shape. When buying an antique school bus there are several thing you should keep in mind. Are you looking for a bus that can actually be used or just a model? This is important because many antique school buses may be in poor condition due to their age. Also if the bus runs and you are planning to drive it are there replacement parts available? Many antique school buses no longer run because the replacement parts have been discontinued.

Restoring Antique School Buses

The restoration of antiques school buses is a huge past time for thousands of people all over the world. Some people like to restore the antique school buses to there original state while some people prefer to update and modernize an antique school bus. It really all depends on the person that is restoring the bus and how they feel about antique school buses. There is no right or wrong way to restore antique school buses.

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